ERP Software Comparison

Making a choice

Alright, you’ve done your research and you understand your business problems well enough to clearly define your needs.  Now it’s time to get a couple of partners to provide you with some more information about the ERP software options that you have.

Unfortunately, gathering unbiased information about these different software packages can be especially difficult.  Especially since most of these products are fiercely competitive and want to avoid providing too much information for their competitors.

I tend to think of the different ERP software packages are roughly interchangeable with certain trade-offs to each approach.  This is why knowing your requirements is so essential to making the right decision.  If you know you’ll need lot tracking abilities, make sure you put that at the forefront of your RFQ with your prospective partners.  Make sure you get a real-time demonstration of this functionality from each of the partners so that you can make a better decision about how well this would fit your business.

Below is some high level information about the various software packages available.  By no means should these pages be the only source of information for making your decision.  But they should provide a better understanding of the ERP Software environment.


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