Investment, Not Expense

Small businesses face daily life and death investment decisions.  A bad decision could result in the failure of the business whereas larger organizations can be better insulated against these decisions.  Most small businesses are run by the entrepreneurs who took the business from a one-person operation to a successful community leader.  But making the transition from a small to mid-size business to a larger organization requires a different approach, and wise investments.

ERP is one of the best investments you can make in your business.  No other investment will touch as many different aspects of your business.  Graduating from Quickbooks or Excel spreadsheets to a connected, organized, ERP system can streamline your business and allow users to minimize their time on mundane tasks like data entry and building reports.  Instead, those users should be focusing their energy on making business decisions to improve the efficiency of the business.

However, all ERP systems and ERP partners are not equally good investments.  Just like buying a home and employing a contractor, you need to pick the right home, and the right contractor.  Invest the time and energy to pick a winner and continue to invest your time and energy towards your vision.  If you’ve picked the right partner, they can advise you how to make the best value for your investment.

Don’t be afraid to invest generously in your ERP system.  Your employees will spend more time with your ERP system than with any other resource in your business.  If the system is slow, poorly designed, or inaccurate, your employees will be equally as slow and inaccurate.  ERP is an opportunity to enhance your employee’s productivity.  Remember that the money you invest in improving your ERP solution will see direct returns in your employee’s productivity.  This is not a bottom line expense, but a savvy entrepreneur’s investment opportunity.  Treat it as such, and you will be proud of your decision.

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