The Feature Function Trap

Dashboards.  Cloud Technology.  Mobile Integration.  If you’re choosing your ERP system based on key words similar to these, you’ve just fallen into the Feature Function trap.

Many ERP products these days use these words as a way to draw the attention of business owners and managers who want the immediate satisfaction of on demand reporting and fancy looking graphs and data.  Although these products may have all that is promised and more, the key missing component in this equation is how you get YOUR data to produce this high level information.

Most clients make the mistake of expecting the technology to have “built-in” features that will immediately speak to their business.  While the technology will allow us eventually produce the feature functions you’re originally sold on, most ERP implementations never see this value with their own data behind it.

The problem isn’t that the technology is no good, and it isn’t that your salesperson has lied to you.  It’s about ensuring that you put the foundation blocks in place to allow the technology to shine.

Before you can have a graph with good data, you need a set of procedures that allow your business users to capture this data efficiently.  You also need thorough training and reinforcement throughout the implementation process to ensure that bad habits don’t form and can be trained out before they become systemic.  Always remember that Garbage In = Garbage Out (GIGO).

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